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Mobile App Development

The main reason why I studied coding is to acquire the heuristic concept of building some down-to-earth apps.

A mobile application is crafted to run on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. Apps provide similar services like those on PCs. However, they are generally software with restricted functionality, built for a highly targeted, specific purpose. Hence, the mobile app. development process entails creation of some complex software bundles that are installable (assets, binaries, code etc.), implementation of backend services like access of data along with API, and app. testing on its targeted devices. While building an app may sound daunting, it really is just like any other task, except that it requires some skills, effort and time (depending on what sort of app you desire), plus, some reliable guidance from an expert in this field (where I barge in).

There may be countless reasons why you want to create your own app. Perhaps, you may want to have a startup project, or you desire to be a freelancer or simply cause it’s your university’s research project. Either ways, let’s say you have the next big idea, and to encourage revival of such a grand idea, your ultimate expert is here to escort. I’ll ensure that all your hard work is paid off….

Front-End and Back-End

There are two deep interconnected components of a mobile application: the mobile application “Front-End”, and “Back-End”

1) The Mobile Application Front-End

I’ll use my skills in using the technologies and languages that are essential in creating front-end application. The mobile front-end is the interactive and visual part of application experienced by the user. It generally appears on the device, (icon of app. pinned on the home screen). The application can then be downloaded from app store (iOS or android platforms).

I’ll vouch to produce the best design and development of front-end mobile app. using the state-of-the-art graphics for creating the visual elements pf the apps. Like themes, colors, icons, backgrounds and so on. With user interface and user experience designs, I’ll work on components layout, how they interact with user and with each other. In the case of games app., with my team comprised of motion graphics developers or even engineers, we’ll together develop and craft engines that rule the physics of how stuffs mobilize in app, for instance, cars in a race game.

2) The Mobile-Application Back-End

Back-End actually supports the front-end and is essential for the success of mobile apps. My job is to provide dependable back-end services that essential for exposing good-quality mobile apps. that provides good user experience to authentic third-party services. This can be done via utilizing a specialized API when communicating with database. There are many cloud and 3rd party services that can be used by me to leverage or to speed up delivery and development of your ultimate app.

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Mobile App Development

How we’ll work in harmony?

Once you reach out to me, we’ve gotta plan a meeting arena, followed by spending some time to figure out what exactly you want in your app: the services, theme, goal, objectives, recommendations, do you want to sell your app and keep it free, or whether you want it to be available on iPhone app store (iOS), google (android) or both platfroms. We’ll see whether all your stuffs are doable or no. Once everything is planned, the app building process begins, followed by more frequent meetings for editing purposes and to check on the draft, and finally! It’s time to launch your ultimate app.
Key Mobile
I’ll make sure to utilize and to integrate the most normally required capabilities into your dream app., while restoring the individual advantages of such services.
  • Social login (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.)
  • User Sign in/Sign up & Management
  • User Engagement and Analytics
  • Push Notifications
  • Real Device Testing
  • Cloud Storage
  • Offline and Real-time Data
  • Cloud Functions/Application Logic
  • Conversational Bots
  • Video and Image Recognition
  • Speech Recognition

It’s time to outshine your grand app among other “wimpy” apps out there. Are you up to the challenge?

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